social boy manipulation editing tutorial and stock images by nsb pictures

social boy manipulation editing tutorial

hey guys welcome to nsb pictures today we are going to learn special editing we will make this type manipulation in this tutorial you dont need to worry about the method of editing .

i will teach you everything step by step. today i will show you to make social boy manipulation editing with picsart mobile app. social boy editing is very famous in young and teenagers . you can see the craze of social networking in today world so most people loves social boy editing.

in this tutorial we will learn such type of editing you can see the sample image which Ive made with help of picsart app. hope you were loving my this editing and i know many of you were thinking to make your own social boy manipulation photo. so dont worry guys i will teach you everything in this tutorial. you need to follow some steps to make your such photo


steps to create social boy special manipulation

  • open your photo in picsart
  • tap on tools > adjust
  • adjust the brightness contrast and saturation
  • adjust the color temperature
  • now choose filters
  • go to correction> skin retouching
  • smooth and brighten the skin
  • go to tools>curves and adjust the exposure
  • remove background of your photo

  • download all the background and png required from below
  • open background in picsart
  • apply your cutout of photo to the background
  • add all pngs
  • add social media icon png
  • add hair png
  • add your favorite filter and your are done

hopes you guys have understood these methods but in case you are having any problem while making such photo then you can watch a videos tutorial on this topic . in this video you will learn how to actually apply these steps in a photo an make a realistic manipulation photo.

watch video tutorial

Don’t skip any part of this video otherwise you will not be able to edit perfectly.
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download stock:

You can download all the stock images from the link given below but before downloading keep in mind that the images are not 4 commercial purpose please don’t use or reupload them without prior permission from us
  • tap and hold on any photo wich you want to download
  • choose save or download option
  • and your photo is saved in gallery
    • Click on the download button below
    • you will be redirected to google drive
    • download thewhole folder
    • or download any photo wich you want


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