Photography Tips for beginners 2018

Photography Tips for beginners 2018

so, you want to be a photographer and looking for some basic and neccessory tips for photography.
alright you are at a right place .
today am gonna tell you the very basic and must have photography tips .
incaseyou are an expert photographer , you might be familier with these tips but i still suggest you to have a look at these once. maybe you are missing some sort of information .
there are only four major camera setting wich can give you stunning results.
  • aperture, 
  • shutter speed, 
  • iso

these all four elements are dependent on each other , lets talk about each topic  in  depth.


Aperture is the major pillar among all these  all. aperture basically means opening up of lense.
it controls the light to enter into your photo.
aperture helps in blurring the background and focusing the subject fo also deals in providing sufficient light tothe photo . aperture provides a depth of field into photo . it controls what is in and what is out of focus. 

the lower is value of aperture , the more wider lense is open and this resulting in isolating the subject.
on its contrary the higher is aperture means the lower light enter to the camera and it results in sharp and scrip shots. 


  • keep aperture as low as possible for capturing portraits and closeup shots
  • keep aperture as high as possible for capturing landscape


Shutter speed means the speed of camera to click a particular photo. it implies the gap between two continuous shots. the higher shutter speed means the rtthe camera will click the photo quickly, this results in lower details of photo. while the lower shutter speed ishelpfull to click a long exposure photo . thus faster the shutter speed means to freeze the motion.
here is an example of longer exposure shot which is taken at keeping the shutter speed minimum
long exposure shot


  • slower shutter speed is good for night light exposure shots
  • Faster shutter speed is good for action shots


ISO controls the brightness of your photos, and it is a crucial setting to use properly if you want to take the best possible images.ISO is simply a camera setting that will brighten or darken a photo. As you increase your ISO number, your photos will grow progressively brighter. For that reason, ISO is a good tool to help you capture images in dark environments or be more flexible about your aperture and shutter speed settings.

raising your ISO has consequences. A photo taken at too high of an ISO will show a lot of grain, also known as noise, and might not be usable. So, brightening a photo via ISO is always a trade-off. You should only raise your ISO when you are unable to brighten the photo via shutter speed or aperture instead .

In order to take a clearer and grain free photo you should always try top keep your iso at a base level ie. at its minimum. in some entry level dslr it is 200 but some high range camera also offers a minimum iso of 100 this results on best quality of photos.

in daylight and outdoor condition the isoshould be at its minimum.


  • lower iso is best in outdoor / natural light condition
  • higher iso is good for night/ low lighting conditions

    Thanks for being with us on this artical  hoping you have learned much out of our post.

    if you are satisfied tell others, if not tell us

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