Tips on how to Pitch Sponsors and Brands as Influencer

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Hey there, I am Neeraj Sharma (AKA NSB Pictures), and I see a lot of influencers (YouTubers, creators, etc) making some key mistakes when it comes to pitching brands. I thought it would be helpful to put together a post with some scripts, useful language (and warnings!) when pitching brands.


Before reaching out to a brand to collaborate (AKA pay you), be sure you engage with the brand’s content for a few weeks. Comment on photos, share one of your fave products of theirs in your IG story, etc. In sales terms, we call this “prospecting.”

Brands want to work with people who are genuinely excited about what they’re doing — not just someone who is trying to get a check.

Tips to write a better collaboration pitch for brands

Hey [brand name]! My followers have been asking about recommendations for the best [product name]. I’m such a fan of [brand name], and I’d love to create content around your [product name].

Tip #2: Include One Sentence about Product Use

Hey [Brand Name]! I’ve been using your [product name] for years. They’re great, and I’m totally in love with the new [product name] you just released. I’d love to create content with the product, are you currently partnering with [Bloggers/Influencers/YouTubers]?

Tip #3: Discuss Return on Investment

Hey [brand name]! I’ve attached my rates and media kit to this email. I include a metrics report at the end of all collaborations, so you can better measure the impact of our partnership.

REMEMBER: This is a BUSINESS. You need to care about the impact and results of your work.

Tip #4: Helpful Keywords & Phrases

When writing a pitch email (long-form) to a brand, here are some helpful words and phrases to include:

  • Proactive, ie, “I am proactive about implementing copy and creative feedback”(Shows you’re not going to fall off of the face of the planet for weeks at a time)
  • Excited to help (company) grow, ie, “I’m already sharing (brand name) on social media, and people are jazzed about (product). I’d love to partner together to reach more of my followers, and help you grow your market share!”
  • Thorough, ie, “I am attentive and thorough in all aspects of partnering with a brand — from contract creation, content approval, posting schedule, and metric reporting.” (I can’t tell you the # of influencers who fail to thoroughy read a contract, or post on the wrong day.)
  • Mention the founder, ie, “I really admire what Sarah Johnson has done with the brand, and I’m excited to help propel your mission forward.” (Showing that you know who the founder is makes it clear you’re doing your homework and care about the brand.)

Tip #5: Get to Email ASAP

When you reach out to a brand via DM, close your message with something like:

  • “Could you please share the contact email for the person who handles blogger relationships?”
  • “Thanks for your reply! I’d like to send a proposal over, can you share the email for influencer collaborations?”

Generic Collab Email Template:

Hey [insert influencer Name],

I have been following your profile on [insert social media platform] and really loved your post(s) on [insert topic]. [insert another sentence about their feed that adds a human element].

My name is [insert name here] and I make [insert what you do]. Since [insert what they are passionate about or what they like to post about that coincides with your brand], I thought I would reach out to see if you would be open to testing our product and doing a collaboration together!

Let me know if you are interested and I will send more details!

[insert your name here]

Generic Collab DM Template:

Hey [insert influencer name],

I loved your post about [insert description of related post]. My name is [insert name here] and I make [insert what you do]. I'd love to test out your product,  and share it with my audience!

Let me know if you’d be interested - thanks! -[insert your name here]

Finally: Pitching is a Numbers Game

Remember that pitching and outreach is a NUMBERS game. You’re not going to sign everyone you talk to, and that’s okay! Make it your goal to pitch a certain number of companies a day/week/month.

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