happy holi special manipulation editing tutorial

Hello friends welcome Back to NSB pictures today we will learn happy Holi special eating.

I know I am a bit late to give you holi editing tutorial but trust me this tutorial will blow your mind in this video I will transform simple photo into happy Holi special photo you can also create such a beautiful photo after following these steps.

Steps to edit your photo 

  • open your photo in picsart
  • make some colour adjustments 
  • brighten and smooth the model’s skin and face
  • go to draw option 
  • select the eraser tool 
  • erase the background of photo
  • now save the cutout as png 
  • close evrything and open picsart again
  • now open the background image with picsart (download all background and stock from below)
  • now make some neccessory adjustments to the background
  • apply blur effect to the background
  • add the colour png wich you have downloaded from below
  • now click on add photo and select the cutout wich you have saved earlier
  • after applying the models photo perfectly add a siutable filter
  • add the girl png on photo
  • now add all the pngs in photo
  • and finally apply your personal favourate effect to the photo

 watch video tutorial

 Don’t skip any part of this video otherwise you will not be able to edit perfectly.
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Watch video by clicking on above image .
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You can download all the stock images from the link given below but before downloading keep in mind that the images are not 4 commercial purpose please don’t use or reupload them without prior permission from us

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