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wedding camera raw presets

hey guys, hows you all doing, neeraj sharma this side, and i welcomes you to my brand new post. today i have bought some very cool stuff for you, well i am giving you 120+ camera raw presets. in this artical you can download some very professional camera raw presets and guess what, all these presets are free camera raw presets.

what is camera raw preset ?

well if you want understand about camera raw presets, let me tell you first about what is camera raw.

camera raw is a adobe photoshop cc plugin which is normally comes along with creative cloud package of photoshop. camera raw helps in editing raw images and also to color grade and color correct raw images. now that you know about camera raw lets talk about camera raw presets.

camera raw preset is a premade file of some settings, as you know you can adjust colors and contrast of photos in camera raw, you can also save and export your settings to be used in your more photos. camera raw presets are the premade presets of famous photoshop artist and famous photographers.


how to install camera raw presets ?

To install camera raw presets in your pc or mac you need to copy your camera raw presets in the folders below

  • MAC :-  (user)/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Camera Raw /Settings
  • WINDOWS :- C:Users-[user name]/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings

While copying camera raw preset to these folder, make sure that you only place .xml files into these folders

camera raw presets camera raw presets camera raw presets

wedding camera raw presets
wedding camera raw presets

types of camera raw presets included :

  • teal & orange preset
  • aqua preset
  • moody dark camera raw presets
  • pink love camera raw presets
  • matte black camera raw presets
  • aqua brown camera raw preset
  • orange gold camera raw preset
  • toni mahfud camera raw preset
  • danish zehan camera raw preset
  • joncarlos photography camera raw preset
  • wedding camera raw preset
  • portrait camera raw preset
  • landscape camera raw preset
  • professional camera raw preset
  • low light camera raw preset
  • vignette camera raw preset
  • cross process camera raw preset
  • indian summer camera raw preset
  • soft glow camera raw preset
  • gritty daylight camera raw preset
  • brilliant blue sky camera raw preset
  • chocolaty camera raw preset
  • blue red smoke camera raw preset
  • black & white camera raw preset
  • yellow tone camera raw preset
  • vijay mahar camera raw preset
  • gopal pathak camera raw preset
  • brandon woelfel camera raw preset
  • blue dawn camera raw preset

download camera raw presets :

you can download all these camera raw presets for absolutly free. all you need to do is just download a zip file including 120+ camera raw preset from the download buttons given below .


how to unzip a zip file:-

if you have already downloaded the zip file of free camera raw preset. then you can further proceed to extract the files included in this zip file . to extract the files you need to install an app called WinRAR or ZIP extractor in your computer. after installing you can simply choose the folder and tap on extract.  after extracting you can use these free camera raw preset in your photos.

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