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lightroom is a powerfull application by adobe . lightroom was basically launched for pc, mac and windows but after the great success of lightroom on windows platform. adobe thought of launching a lightroom mobile application for the people who dont have a windows pc . lightroom mobile is a powerfull app with all complete features in it. lightroom mobiles also comes in lightroom pro apk with some cool features for prime users.  lightroom helps to adjust lights and colours in your photo and helps to create amazing colour grading in your photo

lightroom mobile pro apk
lightroom mobile pro apk

lightroom pro apk

lightroom pro apk : hey guyz welcome back to nsb pictures  . as always today i am here with an amazing never seen before artical  i am giving you new lightroom pro apk free download . today  i am here to give you the best quality lightroom pro apk your photo editing.  we almost use lightroom pro apk for every kind of photo editing. so in this artical you can download lightroom pro apk , lightroom moded apk, lightroom full version free download.

features of lightroom pro apk 

  • full version download
  • selective tool enabled
  • pro features added
  • free to download
  • compitable with all device
  • works without internet

full version lightroom pro apk download

lightroom premium apk is a pro application of lightroom mobile which have some extra features like selective tool and other pro facilities. normally lightroom mobile application is free for users but lightroom mobile also offers a pro features for some advance lightroom users and gives an option to download lightroom pro at a minimal fees. lightroom pro apk offers some pro features to its user . today in this artical i am giving this lightroom pro apk to you for free it means lightroom pro apk free download. after downloading this lightroom pro apk you dont need to signup on lightroom. you can use all of lightroom premium features in this lightroom moded apk

selective tool in lightroom pro apk

lightroom pro apk enabled the selectie tool for evry user of lightroom mobile . now you dont need to download pro version of lightroom mobile  and also you dont need to pay any fee for lightroom pro version. selective tool helps you to apply a specific effect on a particular area ,  as we know lightroom doesnt offers a brush option to remove effect from a particular are but this selective tool helps you to apply a filter to some specific area

download lightroom mobile pro apk

Name : lightroom mobile pro

size : 70MB

Format: apk

version: 3.5.1

How to install lightroom premium presets in mobile

i hope you already knows about lightroom mobile application . lightroom bieng a successfull application for windows and mac have now launched its lightroom mobile app. getting started with lightroom mobile application today i will teach you about how to install lightroom mobile presets in mobile application . so in order to use  lightroom mobile presets you need to download some lightroom mobile presets the first step is downloading the lightroom mobile presets

  • download these lightroom presets from above
  • open lightroom mobile application on your smartphone
  • tap on add image button
  • choose these presets from your storage
  • import these presets in lightroom
  • after finishing the importing of presets
  • now import the photo you want to edit
  • open the preset in lightroom mobile application
  • tap on options button and choose copy setting 
  • now open the photo you want to edit
  • tap on option buttons and choose paste settings

download lightroom mobile presets :

download latest lightroommobile presets for free. these lightroom mobile presets can be used with any lightroom mobile apk ,these lightroom mobile presets are compitable with all versions of lightroom mobile

sam kolder lr presets

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